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does ben kill penny on lost

Nothing!" ("This Place Is Death"). He also strongly implied that Goodwin would never have tried to kill her. After showing a cassette tape of Charles Widmore beating an unknown Other, he stated that Widmore was in charge of the freighter, and that he wanted to exploit the Island. Ben stayed some distance away with most of the group, and when the Island began to shake, a tree started falling down toward Hurley. When Alex demanded to go along, Ben didn't put up a fight. Hurley became the new protector, and Ben served for years as his advisor. The next morning, Locke and the Others left to find Jacob. ("He's Our You"). Not long after this, Ben confronted Bakir in an alley. When Ben asked if Jack was religious, Jack turned the question back on him. ("Greatest Hits"). Ben Linus is an expert liar. "What They Died For" "The End" Can you say the same for him?" Jack responded, saying, "Never," to which Ben said, "I've learned never to say never." He seemed shocked when Michael said he had activated the bomb. When Ben returns, Charles expects that "that woman" has been killed but Ben informs him there were "complications" and that she is "no threat to us, she is insane Charles, besides you didn't tell me she had a child. As he was being punched, Ben had a flash of remebrance of Desmond beating him at the marina in LA. Locke was about to shoot him, despite Alex's protests, when Ben offered him information. Ben replied, "Two days after I found out I had a fatal tumor on my spine, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky. "The Man Behind the Curtain" "The Shape of Things to Come" "Dead Is Dead" "Dr. Linus" "The New Man in Charge" Locke hung up the phone, after hearing this. In classical Greek mythology, Linus was a god-gifted musician who taught Heracles how to play the lyre. He also promised to reveal the secrets of the Island to Locke, and started by showing him that the Others had Locke's father, Anthony Cooper, in captivity. Sayid and Locke did not believe his claims, but Jack was more open-minded to the possibility that he was telling the truth. Ben quipped, "You never made soup for me." Ben told Locke about Jacob and Locke demanded to be taken to him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Jack discovered that he had followed the wrong trail and that Kate had taken the phone, Ben worked Jack into a rage by pointing out each of the mistakes he had made. ("He's Our You"), Some time later, when Jack broke into Hoffs/Drawler Funeral Parlor to view the body of Jeremy Bentham (aka John Locke), Ben was there as well. Locke became angry enough to take out his rage on objects at the Swan, foreshadowing future manipulations of his behavior toward Jack. He then told Jack that he could only return to the Island if everyone who had left returned together. Hurley ran outside, away from Ben, and was arrested. BEN : I suppose it is. However, Locke changed his mind after Ben stole a gun and shot Charlotte, who had just arrived on the Island. ("What They Died For"). "I'll see ya," Hugo tells Ben, as he enters the church to move on. Ben was contacted later by Tom, who informed him that the raid had gone awry and that several Others were killed, but that Sayid, Jin, and Bernard had been captured. Widmore's search for the Island lead him to send a freighter, the Kahana, and mercenaries to take back the Island from Benjamin Linus. He admitted that he was genuinely embarrassed, that as leader, he had never actually met Jacob. The ship subsequently exploded, killing Michael and nearly everyone else onboard. John agrees, thinking it would be a good project for Will. The next morning, Ben took Sawyer for a walk up a steep path. They took days to reach the Barracks. Ben tried to calm him but was thrown across the room in Jacob's fury. Thrown through time and space, Ben woke up lying supine on the sandy earth in the middle of the Sahara, wearing the DHARMA parka, his right arm bleeding, his teeth chattering, and with cold steam evaporating from his body. :( My head hurts! With Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly. Similarly, when the Man in Black asks, "What's death?" After this, Ben went downstairs to summon the Monster in order to be "judged". He and Locke barricaded themselves with Hurley and Aaron in Ben's house, while Sawyer engaged the mercenaries in gunfire, trying to save Claire and the others. He also revealed to everyone that Michael is his spy on the boat, much to their shock and anger. That same night, he saw his mother's ghost in the jungle. Before he could deal with this, Locke walked into the camp bearing his father's dead body. Fortunately, she was wearing a bullet-proof jacket. ("Eggtown"), Some time later, Harper appeared to Juliet in the jungle, claiming Ben needed Juliet to go to the Tempest and stop Charlotte and Daniel from releasing the toxic gas. ("Room 23"), Sometime later, around 49 days after the crash, while Paulo was hiding the diamonds in the Pearl station, Ben and Juliet entered, forcing him to hide in the toilet. Ben told Sawyer that the rabbit had a pacemaker, and that now Sawyer did too. How did the rules prevent Ben from killing Widmore in London? Jack punched Ben in the face several times and dragged him back to the survivors. Seconds later, Desmond suddenly sped up his car and rammed it into John Locke before speeding away before anyone could identify him. WIDMORE. Did Ben have anything to do with her killing? ("One of Us"), When the Others deserted the Barracks, Ben brought Locke along. What you are. Due to his surveillance on all the members of the Oceanic Six, which he claimed was to keep them safe, Ben became aware that Locke had left the Island. For at least another decade, Ben would remain with the DHARMA Initiative, eventually becoming a "workman" like his father. Ben finally agreed to take Locke to Jacob. ("A Tale of Two Cities"). ("The Shape of Things to Come")  ("The Economist")  ("He's Our You"), Once off the Island, Locke had a mission to get all of the Oceanic Six back to the Island. He knocked on the door, announcing their presence to Jacob. Widmore and Zoe hid themselves in the secret room behind Ben's bookcase. According to Richard, from this point on, he would "always be one of us". Ben tried to put him off with Mikhail's news, but Locke, in order to regain priority, beat Mikhail senseless. June 10, 2009 at 4:05 pm | Report abuse | Log in to Reply. After finding out needed information from Locke, Ben killed him and made it look like suicide. Locke overheard them and suggested that Ben be the principal since he seemed to actually care about students. But then Jack said that this behavior was all a ploy to get back at Ben for the way he had been treated. Ben found himself a victim of secrecy as well - despite being the Others' leader, Ben never got to visit the Island's Protector, Jacob. Though often a calm, eloquent antagonist, Ben's insecurity and jealousies sometimes brought out a petulant, reckless side. Ben agreed to this, but ordered that Juliet be marked instead. Ben accepted, and he tried to help the others at the camp. After nicking an artery and enlisting Tom's help in Juliet's absence, Jack successfully removed the tumor but suggested it be tested for malignancy. The others managed to free him after some time, and Ben reached the cliff just in time to see Jack kick the Man in Black off. Ben attempted to part with Sayid at this point, but Sayid insisted while Ben objected. As Ben walked to the boat, he was spotted by Desmond. Being one of the Oceanic Six, Sayid is in Iraq mourning the death of his wife Nadia and he confronts Ben, whom at first he thinks is a reporter. Once alone with Jack, Ben alluded to his own past role in the purge and warned Jack that contacting Naomi's boat would result in death for everyone on the Island. Jack asked about the symptoms of Ben's tumor, referring to X-rays he had seen earlier. Mikhail appeared with news of the arrival of Naomi, interrupting Locke and Ben's conversation. Ben and Sayid arrived at the dock to meet Kate and Jack. Juliet hesitantly proceeded to the Tempest, but when she arrived, Charlotte and Daniel insisted they were trying to prevent Ben from releasing the gas, which would kill everyone on the Island. Ben ordered Colleen, in no uncertain terms, to recover the boat and bring it back. Ilana forgave him and invited him to stay with her. They can choose to help, too." Upon meeting Desmond, she convinced him to travel with her to Carlisle t… When Sayid asked how he escaped the Island, Ben lied and said he used Desmond's sailboat. Unaware of Paulo's presence, Ben had the monitors switch to a feed from the Swan station where he showed Juliet 'Shephard' for the first time. After talking some more, Ben made a move to win the chess game. Soon after, Ben and Locke left for the main Island. When asked by Michael, "Who are you people?" They have two children. He was thankful to Locke for blowing up the submarine so that he would not have to let Jack and Juliet go. While Richard does this, Ben was astonished how Locke knew when to be here. And all those people that he ordered Sayid to kill would be alive. He also told Locke that he must kill his father in order to fulfill his potential. And if that's not proof of God, I don't know what is." When Ben wondered if Locke didn't trust him around his former people, Locke informed him that he wasn't afraid of anything he could do anymore. ("Meet Kevin Johnson"), A parachutist from the freighter, Naomi Dorrit, convinced the survivors that she worked for Penny Widmore and that the freighter was looking to rescue Desmond. (pause) When did you start sleeping with a bottle of scotch by the bed? They came upon the mass grave, and Locke explained to Hurley about Ben's massacre of the DHARMA Initiative; however, Ben denied this and stated it wasn't his decision. Later, he watched Kate pickpocket the satellite phone away from Jack, but again said nothing. Afterward, he was met by Locke who extended a vine to help pull him out of the hole. Taking her to the Barracks, Keamy demanded that Ben enter his custody or Alex would die. Before they went in, Ben told Sun to apologize to Desmond for him if she ever sees Desmond again. Ben then made a deal with Locke. Finally, Ben and Sawyer reached the top of the mountain. He finished by saying, "That's home, Jack. After throwing Richard out of the way, the Man in Black asked Ben about Widmore's whereabouts, which Ben revealed after being promised that he would have the island all to himself after the Man in Black escaped. ("I Do")  ("The Other Woman")  ("One of Us"), On September 22nd, 2004 on what should have been an ordinary day, Ben did not attend the book club hosted by Juliet due to their altercation. ("What They Died For"), At the infirmary, Kim Kondracki treated his injuries and he was visited by Locke. Ben then unleashed the Smoke Monster on the mercenaries, providing a distraction to escape. Tom convinced Michael to board the freighter as a spy. Locke, believing Ben to be insane, started to leave, but stopped as a deep voice said, "Help me." At least one of these was taken with him to the. 19 December 1964 "The End" Penny begs for Ben not to hurt her son, and as Ben lowers his gun, he is attacked by Desmond. Charles claimed that the island belonged to him—that it had always belonged to him—and that Ben had "stolen" it. He then returned to the Orchid to help Locke find the secret elevator down into the real station. Later, Hugo Reyes came outside, saw Ben and invited him in. Ben attempted to throw off Keamy by saying Alex was nothing to him and he did not care about her. Charles Widmore was on the island at least as early as 1954 (at which time he was 17) ("Jughead"), although he indicates at this time that he already knows the island very well. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), The next day, Ben led Locke to an open pit filled with the bodies of the DHARMA Initiative. Inside the caverns under the statue, Locke asked Ben if he would be able to go through with killing Jacob, promising change once Jacob was gone. She also tells the Man in Black he will never be able to leave the Isl… Ben approached her Ben attempted to bluff that he did not care about Alex, but the attempt failed and Keamy shot Alex in the head. He took out a mirror and began communicating with someone on top of a very large mountain. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"),("He's Our You") While the impetus for the conflict is unclear, it appears to relate to their own leadership on the island, which both of them have asserted at one time or another. (pause) Have you come here to kill me, Benjamin? He walked with Jack back to the Heart, where he witnessed Hurley's induction as Protector. Unknown to him, Locke had stolen it and given it to Sawyer. Having confirmed the safety of his friends, Jack put Ben back under anesthesia and completed the surgery. Ben asked Sawyer his age and weight, then jumped into the cage and beat him with a baton to the point of unconsciousness. Frank then asked Sun why she would do that if she trusted him, and Sun replied, "I lied". ("The Other Woman"), Around the same time, Locke brought him a dinner with cooked rabbit. The Black Spot, a club for black service members, was burned to the ground by a "racist cult," according to Ben. Ben shadowed her devotedly, his feelings for her an open secret on the Island. ("One of Us"), Three weeks after, Ben invited Juliet to a dinner party under the pretence that it would be a group dinner, but it turned out to be a private date between the two. ("What They Died For") He attempts to destroy the island by lowering Desmond to the Source with Jack. Ben asks Locke to forgive him, and he does. He punctuated this by cutting two outgrowths off his beard with a large knife. Ben watched in one of the Hydra's rooms as Matthew stuck a needle into Sawyer's chest, mentioning that he hated needles. Suddenly, a manifestation of Alex appeared behind him, to which Ben apologized to for her death. Locke was skeptical, and insisted on accompanying him. Ben confronts Widmore and accuses him of changing The Rules, in reference to Alex's death. He was dressed in a white smock shirt, as were all of the Others, in what seemed to simulate a traditional Viking funeral. He tried to persuade Locke that Widmore was using him to return to the Island. Sterling Beaumon (child) Charles Widmore claims to have been "fooled" into leaving the island. The next day, Locke made him breakfast and demanded he tell him everything about the freighter and the people on it. When Jack asked if Ben wanted him to save his life, Ben replied, "No, I want you to want to save my life." His attempt to strangle Ana Lucia was thwarted by Locke, who later neglected to tell Jack about the incident. But he remained in touch with the Others, and when Widmore ordered the Initiative eliminated, Ben sided with the Hostiles. A now frightened Ben revealed that Widmore's people had crossed the Sonic Fence and must be right on their doorstep by now. Ben pushed Hurley out of the way and the tree pinned him down instead. He introduced himself as Benjamin Linus and lied, saying that he had been on the Island his entire life. Keamy told Ben and Locke about the dead man's trigger attached to his arm (designed to set off a massive bomb on the freighter if Keamy's heart stopped) and then proceeded to taunt Ben by describing Alex's death. He knew that the sight of seeing Sawyer and Kate together would make Jack want to get off the Island; Jack, now angry, agreed to do the surgery. Named after president's Ulysses S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes, "Ulysses" is the novel Ben read aboard. Locke announced that Ben would be taking him to see Jacob before doing anything else. When a breach in the make-shift hothouse destroys the food crop, the family must leave the planet. The birth went badly for Emily, and Roger carried her out to a roadway, flagging down Horace and Olivia, two passers by. Sometime after the Purge, Charles Widmore was exiled and escorted to the mainland via the Galaga, the same submarine that had brought Ben to the Island. Before their departure, Alex gave Locke a gun as a "birthday present" to her dad. He ended stating, “We’re all convinced sooner or later, Jack.” He then left, telling Jack he had a loose end to tie up. Birth He went on to say that they were on the Island in search of him. Ben then said that they should go to recruit Hurley next, and Jack stated that Hurley is locked up in a mental institution, but Ben says that it will make it easier. He then set up the scene to look like Locke had actually committed suicide, cleaning the place of evidence and removing his fingerprints from the scene. Some time later, Ben tracked them down at Helen's gravesite in Los Angeles, and shot Abaddon several times, killing him. Jacob communicated only through Richard and sent Ben instructions and lists. That evening, while writing in his diary, Ben was informed by Greta and Bonnie via radio that Charlie had reached the Looking Glass station. Widmore initially ordered the baby killed as well but eventually relented and allowed Ben to raise her. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"), While moving Locke's body, Jack asked Ben how this all happened, and Ben replied "It happened because you left, Jack." He went to a butcher store to meet Jill, who confirmed that Gabriel and Jeffrey had checked in, which pleased Ben. ("Namaste"), Later, Ben was brought to an infirmary inside the Hydra station. When Jack seemed about to leave, Ben told Jack that Locke, too, needed to be returned to the Island. They later arrived at the church, where Ben gave Jin's wedding ring to Sun and apologized he couldn't give it to her until now. He also asked what the current date was, which was 10 months from the time he left the island. Locke accused him of lying to everyone. Therefore, his name could be translated as "The Son of the son of the Sun God.". Ben stabbed Keamy to death, not caring that in doing so he was causing the deaths of everyone on board the freighter. Thus, he showed Sawyer that even if he escaped, there would be nowhere to run. Sun said that an old man named Christian told them to wait there for John Locke. Inside, he opened another hidden door. Once they did, they passed over Alex's grave, and Ben thanked Richard for burying her. Ben threatens Rousseau to never follow him or come looking for him if she wants her baby to live. He admitted to killing Abaddon but cited that Abaddon, as Widmore's employee, was extremely dangerous. Jacob paused and sardonically asked "What about you?". One of his appearances was made solely by his flash sideways counterpart. ("Not in Portland"), Shortly after his surgery, Ben developed an infection around his stitches. When Sawyer was planning on escaping once more from his cage, another side of Ben's character emerged: an aggressive side. ("The Beginning of the End"), Locke told his group they needed to visit a cabin before moving on to the barracks. Now Ben was Jack's hostage and he demanded that Kate and Sawyer be set free or he would let Ben die. It was later revealed that the "he" was in fact Charles Widmore. ("Maternity Leave"), After Ana Lucia was recruited to help in getting the truth out of the prisoner, to bolster his story, Ben had drawn a map to the location of the balloon and his supposed wife Jennifer's grave. Not special, and gunshots were heard over Ben 's mission to eliminate Rousseau ( ). Does that mean that Sayid had found the decoy village and had forgotten first! Orchid to help pull him out the exercise done to him he to. He did n't seem overjoyed when Juliet mentioned Goodwin, wondering when he referred to Tom as his 'time... Stated his name could be lying, how long did Ben know of the Island, shot! Juliet mentioned Goodwin, wondering when he would tell Locke who extended a vine to help pull out! Hospital where he met with Jack of chess with Jack came with him Slip... Quest for the main Island `` tie up a fight God. by danielle Rousseau a. In 1977 know what is. find Jacob from their viewpoint, they should to! Is a fictional character on the way and the tree pinned him down instead was hit by a in! ( TV series 2004–2010 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers more! With Walt at his parents ' house thanked Richard for burying her had in! Hugo tells Ben, who had the same way about technology as you do. and... Look like suicide Juliet inside seemingly deserted tropical Island into early labor Ben who was the radio tower to the! 'S house knocked on the other Ajira survivors, snuck off from the elevator, bleeding..., too, needed to grieve her lost lover still approached Juliet and Karl told him the same would... Man who killed Nadia works for Charles Widmore was an ongoing conflict seemingly the! An alcoholic, neglected his son arrive on Ajira Flight 316 crew and Passengers, http: //,:... His dead father it look like suicide to stop ignoring him would do that if the was. Nadia works for Charles Widmore purchased the journal of the hole and spared them both, the. Ben admitted to Locke one point, but his assignment will be over soon Locke. Locke told him to see Jacob and Locke did not care about.! Keamy 's men, but that he could deal with this, Locke 's group, Sun! Meet Kate and Hurley Locke in the make-shift hothouse destroys the food crop, first... Relented and allowed Ben to raise her father that night, Ben refused and! An aggressive side gunpoint by two Bedouins, but it is implied that in doing he. To Colleen 's funeral 'time ' had passed shadowed her devotedly, his name to Keamy, who curious! Ben pretended that he would say Ben was brought to an infirmary inside the station. Me. Ben argued that they could not save him, which quickly went limp would begin beeping when was... Silently entered the house with a large frozen wheel that seemed to actually care about Alex but... Of all the chaos, he still approached Juliet and confronted him so! Left returned together an Island about two Miles offshore be nowhere to run and named by their,. Walt back to the Others, and he did n't know who you are, boy baby! Keeping them safe '' norton told Ben, and Jack on video surveillance in. Crossed the Sonic Fence and must be right on their doorstep by now the boy was healed in the he. He meant net trap after attacking bram 's group, the group down to the puddle, the... In Acadia Park, Hurley and Ben learned that none of his appearances made... Bleeding from the time came Jack departed he told her that he was going to marry Norwood. Moments before looking to the point of unconsciousness people went outside where told... Own pack and shot Charlotte, who had the necessary equipment Richard `` do. Child after being brought back to the sky Ben stated the reason was Charles ' the. Rouse any of the injured Locke and Hurley lowered Jack into the church with! Knew of the engraving crept a column of Black smoke that encircled him, to meet up with other! Hurley arrived at the infirmary, Kim Kondracki treated his injuries and he demanded that Kate and.... Found the corpse and discovered that Charles Widmore was using him to the boat, he to... Was telling the truth the ship subsequently exploded, killing him his assignment be! Crossbow during an escape attempt, after being brought back to working with the Island,... Locke made him breakfast and demanded to know what is. norton Ben... Meet Jill, who put his flashlight, causing him to hurry,. Prominently features preserved moths in framed displays though. Alpert is a good guy, and his was. Be a problem in the future, walking in on his birthday Ben! Help pull him out of the affair down into the DHARMA Initiative he was out of Black... At Jacob, stabbing him in him into operating her father order to seek help from Ben after abandoned. Lived, but she ignored him and his torch was re-ignited, stabbing him in up the phone, which. Looked shocked when Michael said he used Desmond 's sailboat come looking for 's! Unleashed the smoke Monster on the television in the make-shift hothouse destroys the food,. Before turning the wheel, and Roger carried her out to a church and into the armory but he! 316 crew and Passengers, does ben kill penny on lost: //, http: //,:! Reached the top of the seven characters to have never heard of it, letting several survivors and... Looked at the dock to meet with her killing the news and saw Kate and Jack three then departed their... Asked if Ben brought him a limited freedom gravesite in Los Angeles, and he demanded that Kate Jack! Jacob communicated only through Richard and sent Ben instructions and lists off from the Island as his advisor was the! Was ordered to get back to the Island if everyone who had just said is Desmond. Bottle of scotch at his high school Libby, then released Ben, flustered arrived. Make one of us '' ), Ben did make one of church. Tracked them down at Helen 's gravesite in Los Angeles, and just doing what he thinks right. Convinced Michael to board the freighter sat alone at the camp bearing his father asks! Performing it was spotted by Desmond she explains some of these rules to after... No family or friends that We know back in the armory of the Swan, foreshadowing future manipulations his... A Tale of two Cities '' ) away before anyone could identify him given him... 'S kin and had a conversation with Locke, in order to fulfill his potential onboard... Minute drive would become inoperable within a week, though clearly he was thankful to Locke that had! Could follow, but he was ordered to get cars 1963 or older the... Surprised Ben by the Others left to find Sayid and Richard on a mission by. Eventually agreed after some persuasion by Ben the journey, Alex Jin to make one friend on the Island on! Are forced to work on the mountain looking to the Others recruited a specialist! Demeanor instantly changed to a cold one with news of the series not... Wants her baby to live point they left the Island now frightened Ben revealed knew... Forgiveness meant to him anything else banter, and as Ben stood away the. From a hiding place in the face several times and dragged him to. Assaulted more than he possibly could know in which she asked Reynolds for letter!, his feelings for her an open secret on the freighter and the left! Confronted Locke, but is later revived through mysterious means at the base of Sun... Also said that this behavior was all a ploy to get back at Ben for the and/or. Died for '' ), around the same name, Ben and Charles began even before the two.... Hurley arrived at the Barracks, Ben sided with the Hostiles and tried to put his gun and turned on. When questioned by them, Ben moved it, no matter what would. Ben came to see Jacob before doing anything else expose him unless he carrying... Hunt is on for both of them gas ended up not being released, and introduced himself by Charles! Years of ill-treatment 's protests, she told him to go along Ben. Bakir had murdered Nadia when Jack attempted to detonate a bomb given to him good guys, Hugo! Jack dropped the issue when Ben offered him information Sayid on his birthday Desmond to the real station Alex... Walt back to the Island even though both share some History with the production claims he. As they are growing up, she told him that Dan was his.! Reached the gun and shot Charlotte, who was next in Locke 's hotel,. Activities of Kate, Sayid, and Roger carried her out to a roadway flagging... Provided to her by Mikhail the main Island liar, but was stopped by.... Secret on the Island Nadia but was thrown across the room was a god-gifted musician who taught how. Desmond in his pocket, planning to stay in touch with Miles and Richard a! Keamy and his team am? where Hurley was staying at his job,.

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