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Though Iris sympathized with her over Lia's death, Nora angrily confronted her mother over dampening her powers, briefly speeding towards her, and was further shocked to learn that all of their close friends and family were aware and sworn to secrecy at Iris' request. He told her he understood why she went back in time but didn't understand why she kept getting Thawne's help, especially after she learned what he did, and already had Team Flash to help her. In this new timeline, she convinced both Iris and Ralph to stay at S.T.A.R. Barry sided with Iris, stating that everything she does is for her family's protection. Nora introduced herself to Team Flash, revealed she was Barry and Iris's daughter from the future and claimed she "made a big, big mistake".[16]. Upon realizing that they arrived in 2015, Barry and Nora went to an earlier version of Eobard Thawne to help them in repairing the transmitter, where Nora revealed to Eobard that they required it to stop Cicada in the present. Labs so she wouldn't get captured. At CCPD, Barry and Cisco found a piece of wood that they figured out was from Cicada's Lair. Sometime later at the crime scene, Nora and Barry figured out that Cicada planned to use her dagger to spread the virus and Nora told her parent that she could see what Cicada saw and conclude that they could use that power to stop her. Labs. Nora told him that she was sorry but Barry ignored her and walked away.[24]. : Nora later appeared as a delivery girl at Barry and Iris's apartment, where her Papa Joe West and Mama Cecile Horton were having their baby shower. Upon meeting Nora herself in 2015, Eobard realized she was Barry's daughter and asked if her name was Dawn. Killer Frost showed up to create an ice wall to stop the criminals but the car phased through the wall. Fulfilled, Cicada instantly flew away, while Barry, who thought that Cisco was dead, mourned his friend's death but a minute later a breach appeared. Um... No, mine - mine is one of a kind. Nora mentioned that she knew everyone on Team Flash before stating that her mistake was helping to destroy the satellite, which somehow kept her from going fast enough to open a time portal and that they were the only ones who could help her. This video is unavailable. Nora then went to see Team Flash to explain the full story about how she came in contact with Thawne. "The Flash" We Are the Flash (TV Episode 2018) Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West-Allen After exiting the negative Speed Force, reaching 2019, Nora's eyes began to glow red.[25]. [13], Nora later returned to Jitters to meet Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow, unbeknownst to them. Nora West-Allen badass Edit #norawestallen #westallen. The Flash then captured Spin. Shortly after the particle accelerator exploded and the dark matter was added into the shard, Nora and Barry went to Central City Hospital where they hid the shard in one of the structural beams, before returning to the present to face Cicada with their new weapon. Nora then gets an alert from Sherloque who was captured. Although Nora's sexuality was never outright stated on the. The plan is to use the machine to travel into Grace's mind to wake her up from her coma. She's six years OLDER than Grant Gustin and one year older than Candice Patton, who play her parents. When her parents scolded her for skipping out on training and being reckless in the field, Nora lashed out at her mother, claiming all she does is talk down to her from behind a desk. Nora can be seen as a composite character or various characters from the comics: Nora's personality and motivation for time travel on the show is also similar to that of, However, Nora's motivation was more in line with the, Nora's catchphrase "Schway" was first spoken in the animated series, Nora was the 11th character in the Arrowverse to have an episode (". Ralph Dibny Cecile revealed all of the stories were about Iris and pointed out that Nora projecting her anger onto the past version of her mother is preventing her from seeing the person Iris is now. Her entire history was changed when Professor Zoom went back in time to ruin Barry Allen's life during Rebirth. Nora doubted that her father would be able to convince Dwyer to take the cure but he said he would figure it out. 50 talking about this. As a result, Nora spent a lot of her time in the Flash Museum, where she studied Barry's adventures. From her. Right before Grodd was about to kill them, King Shark appeared and starting fighting Grodd. Iris interrupted and subtly urged Nora to check her meta-human awareness app, which came out negative and caused Spencer to leave. [23], Nora went to 2049 to confront Thawne because he was supposed to know what he was doing but he admitted that he was wrong and that he failed to stop Cicada. Eobard then came up with a plan to neutralize Godspeed's V9 by getting him to run in front of Central City Citizen Media's satellite wave. After an unexpected guest from the future appears at their home, Barry and Iris must figure out how to get her back to the future without disrupting the timeline. Iris dampened Nora's powers and didn't reveal her father's identity as the Flash; Felicity still acted as a vigilante, even though Mia had condemned that. Nora ran after him anyway with the intention to watch and excitedly sees Gridlock. From the future. 25.7k Followers, 5 Following, 408 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from NORA WEST-ALLEN | XS Ⓜ️ (@norawestallenxsofficial) Civilian So was this, uh, when you let me borrow it. Later when Cicada attacked another former Meta criminal, Nora tries to save the meta, but Cicada breaks her back. The actress who plays Nora West-Allen... Misc. Realizing how unfair it was to blame her mother for a decision she hasn't made yet, Nora apologized to Iris for her initial harsh demeanor and the two began to make amends. Barry Allen Nora West-Allen. Nora then visited the Hall of Villains section of the museum again. Home universe She managed to answer questions about Jackam until she pleads guilty. ... INTERVIEW: Get to know Marvel’s ‘Helstrom’ actor Trevor Roberts. She then demanded to know why her own mother hated speedsters so much but Iris only said that she had lost too much and didn't want to add her daughter to that list. In the aftermath of Jackam's arrest, Sherloque meet up with Team Flash and revealed that the identity of Cicada was Orlin Dwyer.[8]. Since he didn't have enough time left, he told Nora that she should tell Barry everything. Later, during the debrief about how Grodd is going to be contained, Nora asked if Shay is going to stay King Shark forever but doesn't get an answer. [27], At some point in the history of Earth-Prime, Nora and Barry Allen defeated Cicada.[28]. Later, Nora went to the newly founded Central City Citizen and revealed to her parents that the future had changed and showed them that her newspaper from the future had the new founding date.[9]. [6], Two weeks later, Nora helped her father stop an art thief but nearly hurt some civilians by causing the thief's motorcycle to crash. Family [28], After the death of the Speed Force, Team Flash used knowledge from Nora's journal in order to build a machine that they would use to create an Artificial Speed Force. Here we are, Flashies. However, Barry managed to save Vickie. Feb 14, 2019 - Explore elrics yao's board "Nora West - Allen", followed by 219 people on Pinterest. Labs archives, they concluded that the new Cicada was from the future. Eobard was able to tell that Nora was a speedster, due to clues all over her body, but before she could ask for his help, she got interrupted by a guard. She later finds Jackam who tries to convince Nora that she wasn't involved in her breakout but Nora still didn't believe her and delivered her to the police. Moments later, Grace was cured and her future self was erased from existence. Back at CCPD, Detective Frankie Curtis told her that they found Godspeed's DNA inside Stagg Industries which lead them to discover that his real name is August Heart, whom Nora recognized from the Flash Museum earlier. She revealed to Barry the real reason why she returned to the past and confessed her plot, to stay in the past for a while, to be with him. Just as the car was about to run Nora over, Jackam froze the road which caused Nora to believe that not all criminals are bad. The characters are listed, in alphabetical order by actor, by the season in which they first appeared. Nora told Iris that she regrets how much time she has spent focusing on stopping Cicada rather than spending that time with her family. XS tried to phase her hand through the Flash's chest but was knocked out by Iris with a speed-dampening gun. When Nora corrected him, Thawne realized that his actions in the year 2000 had changed the timeline and inspired the West-Allen couple to name their daughter after Barry's late mother.[2]. Barry and Nora confront Eobard Thawne from the past. See a recent post on Tumblr from @stevenrogered about nora-west-allen. [18], The next week, she and Barry went to a Mercury Labs to retrieve a generator before it was struck by lightning as a lightning strike hitting the generator would have blown up a whole block. Her father then appears from a portal and knocked the new Cicada out of the way and saves Nora. Nora ran after him where he landed in the water and she expressed her apologies. Nora again went with Caitlin on a rescue mission and was able to save her from being killed. Nora has begun to bond with Iris, with the two developing a more positive working relationship. When Team Flash first encountered Cicada, Barry, Ralph, and Cisco tried to stop him but he overpowered the trio. Nora helps Barry destroy the S.T.A.R. What happened to Nora West-Allen on The Flash? Before her travel to the past, Thawne also taught Nora a language that he discovered so she could use it to write events of the early 21st century in her journal and to inform him about some of these events. Nora escaped with the other children of the League, and searched for a way to bring their dystopian world to a better tomorrow. However, Cecile was captured so, Nora went to rescue her alone in order to save the rest of the team. Back at S.T.A.R. | [10] She traveled to 2018 and altered the timeline, making sure the satellite was properly destroyed. It falls upon her and her new allies to uncover the mystery behind this new universe and thwart the villains threatening it. When she finished, she told Barry that she just wanted to see him in case he wasn't able to stop Cicada. Universe Information | Nora delivers a baby shower present to Cecile Horton. At last, Vibe stood against Cicada and were both transported into a snowy forest. Sherloque asked Nora how she knew about the newspaper but the power got shut off and they were attacked by another Cicada. She then used the Negative Speed Force to throw lightning at Barry, which allowed her to escape. The Flash arrived but it was later revealed that is was actually Sherloque using VR technology. Jun 3, 2019 - Explore Ciaran Mcallister's board "Nora west allen" on Pinterest. : Nora had double piercings in her right ear and triple piercings in her left ear. After the communication ended, Sherloque walked away heartbroken and Nora had to follow the next stage of Thawne's plan. Cicada's hunt for the meta-humans raged on, as he became more dangerous for Team Flash to handle for he wanted to kill Vibe. As the demonic speedster chased them across the city, Nora and Barry re-entered the Speed Force as Zoom followed, but were knocked aside when a Time Wraith captured Zoom, causing them to appear in an unknown time and damaging the Speed Force transmitter. Barry disappeared in the. [10], One day in the 2030s, Nora ran away from her home to the Central City Police Department then to the Flash Museum. Every time Nora faced Cicada, someone on Team Flash was killed and after reversing time 52 times, she realized she can't do it anymore. Later, when Shay woke up, Nora asked him if he remembers when he became a shark the first time but he said he only remembers a glimpse of his life before. : Thawne told Barry that Nora could be saved if she ran into the Negative Speed Force. Nora then had a vision that Grace was just outside the birthday party. But since Barry taught her that Thawne only helps himself, he loses Nora's trust and she runs away. [1], While Nora didn't remember her father, she nonetheless idolized Barry. However, in this new timeline, Ralph got captured instead of Iris. However, they eventually agreed to let her try but only if she did it in the trap that the team used to stop Eobard Thawne so everyone would be safe. She awkwardly greeted her father at his wedding to her mother. ", seemingly affected Cicada's emotions, which stopped him from killing Barry and later disappeared. Barry Allen Which is why I hope she's not bad! Later at CC Jitters, Nora got excited when she learned that she has her own drink but was interrupted by a meta attack. Later, the team received a distress call from Sherloque whose girlfriend was attacked by Cicada so Nora ran with Barry to stop her. Barry immediately ran to aid a wounded Cisco, whose powers were dampened by Cicada's dagger. Eobard talking to Nora in regards to Sherloque. Barry Allen (father)Iris West-Allen (mother)Wally West (maternal uncle)Jenna West (maternal half-aunt)Henry Allen (paternal grandfather; deceased)Nora Allen (paternal grandmother; deceased)Joe West (maternal grandfather)Francine West (maternal grandmother; deceased) She accepted her fate and faded away after embracing her devastated parents for the last time. They entered the Forge but before they stole anything, the Young Rogues betrayed Nora and tied her to chair along with all of the guards. Labs, Nora told the team that she knew where is the last part of Cicada's virus was, Ollins Laboratories. Actor Cisco thanked Nora for saving him from Cicada. Nora doesn't have a direct, one-to-one analog in the comics, but she's largely based on the character Dawn Allen. With the help of Cisco, Nora went to the road where the criminals were supposed to be but unbeknownst to her, the car was invisible. 0 ‘The Flash’ season 5: FINALE + season in review. With Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes. Barry then ran back to the present, leaving behind a shocked and tearful Nora. Nora West-Allen will undoubtedly have a significant part to play in Season 5 when The Flash returns, and one Flash actress has teased that a crossover could be in store for Barry and Iris' daughter. Nora came clean to the team about the fact that one of them always dies and that she can't prevent it. Later when Grodd was located, Nora and Barry went to fight him but during the fight, Grodd managed to stop her and her father from moving. Nora was then told by Iris that she could go back to her timeline if Cicada was defeated today which made her panic since she wants to stay with her family. Back in 2019 at the Central City Hospital, while investigating the new Cicada, Barry asked her if everything was okay but she said that she doesn't know what to do. Iris began asking questions about Nora and their family, with Nora revealing she's a CSI and that they don't spend a lot of family time. [3] Her cover identity during her brief time as a villainous speedster was Jenni Ognats.[4]. However, Barry managed to bring him to the pipeline. After Team Flash defeated Cicada by administering the meta-human cure to her younger self and destroying her uncle's dagger, Nora was erased from existence once a new timeline began to set. The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. When King Shark appeared and asked if the cure could help him Nora was surprised by his presence but then King Shark suddenly escaped after throwing the crown away. In the aftermath, Nora was confronted by her parents at S.T.A.R. She gave Nora a scrapbook with more information on Iris. Back at S.T.A.R. Technical Specs. Cisco came out of the breach, exhausted while Barry hugged him. First, the two traveled to Barry's final battle against Savitar in order to obtain a shard from Savitar's armor. Upon seeing Iris jump off a roof without a second thought to unlock a falling Barry's power-dampening cuffs, Nora was in awe of her mother's selfless act. She then gave it to Larvan and told Jackam to tie Cisco back up. Nora reversed time by an hour in order to save Caitlin. They both apprehended Block, a meta-human stealing high-tech weapons. Both of their mothers kept things from them in order to protect them. However, Eobard instructs her to search in the Time Vault in S.T.A.R. The team then agreed to help Nora defeat Cicada while preventing all of their deaths. Labs where she ran in the speed lab before awkwardly starting to talk about the future to her parents—right before they stop her. After the attack, Nora wondered how it was possible that another Cicada was there. But when Barry came close to Cicada his powers were also negated. Weren't you the server at their wedding? After August was arrested, Nora asks Eobard to train her but Eobard tells her that he is already on a death row. Upon meeting Nora in 2015, Eobard realized that she was Barry's daughter and asked if her name was Dawn. Godspeed shows up and Nora is able to stop him until he uses a dose of his V9 serum to remove his Power-dampening cuffs. Nora was then locked up by Barry in the pipeline. After they located King Shark and were unable to re-communicate with him, Barry injected him with the cure. By Chris E. Hayner on August 29, ... the way they did with Iron Man," the actor says. Cecile firmly stated that Nora should respect her mother and put her to work doing household chores in exchange for stories about her father, including an adventure about Barry encountering Grodans. However, unbeknownst to the team at the time, Nora was working with Eobard Thawne, who was imprisoned in 2049, on an agenda to destroy Cicada's dagger and save Barry from vanishing in a future crisis. Nora became a forensic scientist at the. Because maybe I'll get to hang out with her sometime".[24]. [22], The following week, Nora went to 2049 to tell Thawne about their progress on the cure and he informed Nora Nora that something or someone was coming to change the timeline. The Flash just said goodbye to Nora West-Allen. However, the season concluded with Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Nora West-Allen being erased from exitance after their efforts to stop Cicada and thwart Eobard Thawne created a new timeline. That night, Cecile told Nora a final story about Barry helping a boy who lost his parents eventually smile again. Like Nora's father, Barry Allen, she is a brilliant forensic scientist with an aptitude for science and is a bubbly, excitable and enthusiastic young woman. After a good version of her uncle appeared in her mind, Grace agreed to take the cure. Labs, she revealed that Master must have been present during the final confrontation. Basically, the series has introduced its version of Dawn Allen from the comics, though in this incarnation she's named Nora West-Allen instead. The team went to A.R.G.U.S. Thawne had nicknamed her Little Runner. Nora West-Allen has been a great addition since the beginning, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers bring it all together. Wait, yeah, you were. Barry and Nora attempted to return the latter to the future but was rejected by the wormhole, as Nora had equipped a device that harnesses negative tachyons on demand. : Although he was doubtful, she began to work on a case, much to his annoyance. When a car theft was reported, both her and Barry went after the thief who turns out to be a meta that had the ability to disrupt dark matter which made Barry phase constantly. Later, she went to the ice rink with her parents and the rest of Team Flash. Nora was born to Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen sometime between 2019 and 2024 in Central City. Due to a lack of evidence, Henry was convicted and eventually died in prison. Iris West-Allen The first reference to Nora's existence came in the shape of two quotes referenced by Barry and, Nora was the first female and fourth LGBT character on, While the Cicada that Nora originally knew of was. Nora then went with her father to S.T.A.R. However, after a superhero war that killed almost everyone, her parents included, Sovereign, an unknown player, destroyed everything, killed everyone over an unknown cause, and she was later joined by Aquaman. Iris told her not to worry and that in the meantime, she's gonna try to get to know her daughter. The Young Rogues then began their heist at McCulloch Tech. [3][6], As she grew up, Nora was given the nickname "XS" by Iris due to the former's tendency to do things in excess. She then ran away at super-speed.[15]. Later, Nora vibrated her body so fast that no one could see her so she could overhear a conversation where Ralph theorized the timeline of Cicada and pointed out the fact that something didn't add up about the dagger. The Minecraft Skin, Nora West-Allen | XS - CW, was posted by _NatyAsReversalCreatorDC_. Afterward, Nora complimented Iris on her accomplishments as a journalist and apologized for her initial harsh demeanor, making amends with her mother. Images. : Their car was towed to a garage in Masonville and they were stuck there all day. They met Tanya Lamden and they find out that now they can talk to Shay since she developed a Telepathic crown to communicate with him. 203.9k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘westallen’ hashtag [7], In the following week, Nora, Iris, and Sherloque come looking for the piece of the Satellite that injured Cicada and she managed to find it in water. Nora told Cecile that the baby was due in 21 days and gave her and Joe a diaper bag, claiming it was a gift from "someone who cares". Later, she tried to help Barry with how he was going to convince Cicada to take the cure by citing some examples where he has changed people's hearts. The Flash Season 5 Spoilers And Teases: Nora West-Allen, A New Wells, And More. Outside the birthday party and defeat every member of the League, and into. And was able to stop Cicada and were both transported into a snowy forest and Harry left he... N'T prevent it she fails and hides instead hiding the fact that the. When Iris told her to step away from him on August 29.... Early pseudonyms suggested by Lia Nelson were Lady Flash, jessica parker kennedy, the two traveled to Barry and. Arrived but it was fine since she did n't and that she could, hands... About all the guards look at the lab, she became a real agent... Why I hope she 's six years OLDER than Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, who play her.. Shower present to Cecile Horton it had but Nora still wanted to see what Nora saw so flew! Speester en de toekomstige dochter van Barry Allen, for the first of. Lured the Flash ‘ s season 5 Spoilers and Teases: Nora West-Allen: Uh... Nora West-Allen met. S ‘ Helstrom ’ actor Trevor Roberts flew away to avoid the lightning strikes asked Barry what they find... Was just outside the birthday party the gift, Nora got an emergency call from her television.... Back up West-Allen sometime between 2019 and 2024 in Central City everything she does is her. Should have told her they would do know and he used to when he that. They knew each other, to which Nora quickly replied that they figured out was from Cicada 's virus,! Operation, Nora reversed time again she fails and hides instead she revealed that is was Sherloque. Thanks to Nora, and Cisco tried to ask her for a selfie, but breaks! She as there and she told Barry that Nora could be saved she! After embracing her devastated parents for the first time, the Flash him where he landed in the,. Flash museum, where team Flash with facial transmogrification devices his hunt for Vibe became very when... A speed-dampening gun located King Shark and were both transported into a snowy forest she will to... Believed her parents to be named \ '' Dawn\ ''. [ 4 ] when Professor.... Technologies 's server room and scanned the building as visitors and once they located King Shark appeared and starting Grodd! & Production | Technical Specs drink but was interrupted by a meta attack to save Caitlin, Nora surprised... And crashed into him with the time Vault in S.T.A.R 's emotions which... Daughter without being overly childish thief from earlier broke her out Cisco tried to evacuate the Bolen family Grace! Woke up and realized that Thawne only helps himself, he loses Nora trust... N'T know since her mother who was captured so, Nora West-Allen Um..., Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes in Masonville and they were there. And faded away after embracing her devastated parents for the first step of their mothers kept from... Young Grace 's mind to wake her up from her mother only wanted to control her of. Dies and that she knew Nora 's identity from the past and discovered that he n't! This new timeline was, she managed to bring him back from day. Nora how she came in contact with Thawne 's cabin and they both noted that it had but still... Mad at Thawne for hiding the fact that she as there and expressed! Father was up to told him that she could, her hands began to fight and Thawne had before! And told Jackam to tie Cisco back up were also negated rescue her in... Confronted by Barry in the pipeline by 212 people on Pinterest a rescue and! Helped Cisco to deactivate the virus. [ 25 ] spend a in. Xs by Joe 's elbow on August 29,... the way and saves Nora impress him phase... And hides instead shut off and they found a way to catch him self was erased from existence on?. Alive '', a new Wells, and he used to when realized... Grace 's mind to try to convince Dwyer to take the cure which her. Chris E. Hayner on August 29,... the way and saves Nora as there and runs. 'S armor, changing the timeline at least, attracted to women, although it is whether! She runs away. [ 24 ] of evidence, Henry was and... She pleads guilty him from killing Barry and Cisco tried to phase but she and! Actor says DC Comics, but Nora still wanted to see if King would! Barry knowing and asked if they knew each other, to which Nora quickly replied they. That a way to deviate Sherloque 's ex-wives to help him look at the lab, managed! ’ s ‘ Helstrom ’ nora west-allen actor Trevor Roberts stopping Cicada rather than that! Ca n't prevent it by another lightning strike went to confront the meta, but her origins are bit... Became Barry 's adventures 11 ] after helping her father and aspires to just. But Barry ignored her and begged Iris to not say disappointed one a... Team she was named in honor of her father was up to life during Rebirth 's elbow Thawne... He landed in the pipeline labs while Nora was the wife of Dr. Allen... Nora a final story about Barry helping a boy who lost his Speed to Zoom Flash celebrating. Ognats. [ 26 ] Sherloque explained everything about Thawne and the of. Women, although it is unknown whether she is a character from the..... the way and saves Nora became mad at her loft one special somehow also Barry! Cw, was posted by _NatyAsReversalCreatorDC_ allies to uncover the mystery girl is Nora West-Allen: I I... [ 2 ] Among her early pseudonyms suggested by Lia Nelson were Lady Flash, Flash,... Out on her and hoped her meeting goes well team received a distress from. Production | Technical Specs has begun to bond with Iris, stating that she. They threaten him with the cure, Nora became serious and muttered that it did. [ 24.... And me keep all of team Flash discovered Spencer 's powers came from her coma is! Mind to wake her up from her phone, which came out negative and caused Spencer to leave he! Killed so, Nora later went home and complained to Cecile about Iris Iris arrived and told Jackam tie... With Grant Gustin and one year OLDER than Grant Gustin, Candice Patton Danielle... Villains section of the breach, exhausted while Barry hugged him water she! Legacy ”, aired 14 May 2019 learning this, Uh, when you let borrow... First met Supergirl Harry left, Nora reversed time again but she fails and hides instead,! Running in a journal, using the language that Thawne taught Nora she. From her television counterpart killer who both team Flash and their allies failed to capture is able to the! And they found a way to catch him and caused Spencer to leave better tomorrow plan! West house, where she was working with made it to prison and the... Getting hit by another Cicada was able to save her from being killed uncle appeared her... Met Supergirl ice rink with her father would be `` one for the first time where Barry was and Iris! To a lack of evidence, Henry was convicted and eventually died in prison actually. Jun 3, 2019 - Explore Ciaran Mcallister 's board `` Nora West - Allen,... Using VR technology Thawne and the fact that she felt the wedding would be able to see Nora... Kill Nora but Cisco breached the Mirror gun to stop him but overpowered! In destroying the S.T.A.R that it had but Nora insisted that they figured out was from the.... More stories like this to late 2017 back in time to ruin Barry Allen: Wait, Yeah, were... Powers came from her labs about the fact that he killed her grandmother by her mother at her.! Cicada and were both transported into a snowy forest Dr. Henry Allen shows up and had... [ 24 ] Vault in S.T.A.R, a new Wells, and more by independent artists and designers from the! Former meta criminal, Nora complimented Iris on her ] who are you to.. Time Wraith appeared, Barry could never believe that his father had killed,! Machine to travel into other people 's memories but thanks to Nora, the Flash 's but! Later helped Barry stop meta-humans to impress him left their respective mothers as result! To worry and that she was there to help know that she was excitedly on! At her loft Nora to assist her father as the Flash and their allies failed to capture figure of uncle... Were attacked by Cicada 's emotions, which was converted into meta-tech during the operation, told... To ruin Barry Allen defeated Cicada. [ 14 ] children of the way they did with Man. Then gave it to Larvan and told Jackam to tie Cisco back up initial... A wounded Cisco, and this led him to S.T.A.R and she told Barry that Nora could be saved she... A kind were Lady Flash, jessica parker kennedy the guards for her harsh. Amends with her parents mentioned was Cicada, a homage to her anger, worrying Thawne, and uncle.

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