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It is the ultimate sleeper, and to me, one of the very coolest Rolex watches ever made.". The earliest Rolex Explorer models made their way to the summit of Everest (you can see the original right here, in fact) and the brand began experimenting with a new kind of design language that would come to dominate its offerings over the next decade. While many may call upon the Omega Aqua Terra, the no-date and time only Railmaster (which Stephen reviewed right here) is a more interesting comparison that offers a design that is a better match for the quiet, casual elegance of the Explorer. The 36mm feels like wearing an old watch, even if you're picking up a 114270 fresh from the box, that format speaks directly to its lineage and I feel like the impression is good at 39mm, but more powerful at 36mm. This trio of watches would kick off the era of Rolex design that today we most closely associate with the brand and its iconic status. What the MilSub and Explorer dial are to the no-date Sub, the COMEX dial is to the date Sub. In this case, both dials are exactly as they should be, despite looking very, very different. In the early 1960s, people started to become aware of just how dangerous radium paint was for both watchmakers and customers, and in 1963 Rolex would fully transition over to tritium lume on all of its future watches (until synthetic materials became available in the 1990s). More so, I think it’s telling that Rolex elected to create an Explorer II instead of bending the Explorer aesthetic to fit the needs of the modern spelunker (in 1971 – though that's a story for another time). The Sports Section What's The Best Watch For Runners? You'll also notice a number of changes to the fonts on the dial, the detailing of the bezels, and more. For instance, the GMT Master reference 1675 is known for the … With the 6536/1, Rolex also finally moved away from the bubbleback calibers, instead fitting the Submariner with slimmer movements. In the land of minutiae, one of the things collectors and dealers most like to seize upon is the shape of the Rolex coronet. If any of those things have been altered, you might still be looking at a genuine MilSub, but one that's lost a bit of what makes it so special. Showing 10–10 of 10 results. Another thing to look for with these is whether or not the bezel itself (not just the insert) is period-correct, with the coin-edge instead of the larger knurling – otherwise it could be an outright swap. After mastering the wrist watch model, waterproof casings, and self-winding mechanisms, Hans Wildorf released the Rolex Explorer in 1953 to commemorate the first successful climbing expedition to the peak of Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world. Remember, we're still very much in the heyday of dive watches being actual dive tools, so designers were less worried about how the watch would look behind the wheel of your 911 and much more concerned about how it would perform underwater. Most interesting about these model is perhaps the dials. Their workers needed watches for long stints working underwater and living in submerged habitats, and Rolex was happy to oblige. Note the lack of "Explorer" on the dial. Holding steady at 36mm but employing a sapphire crystal for the first time, the 14270 also had applied white gold markers with tritium lume (the 1016 used painted markers on a matte dial) and the movement was updated to a then-modern Rolex caliber 3000. Categories. While this watch has a red triangle in the bezel, there were 6536/1s with hash bezels and no red triangle too. The 6350 was not produced for long, with some estimates putting it out of production by 1954 as Rolex moved forward with the concurrently-produced reference 6150 as the future of the Explorer. Rolex 216570 Explorer II 42MM $ 10,995.00. While Rolex has steadily worked to improve the Explorer from an empirical standpoint, I think they've made concerted efforts to protect its original appeal and the charm of its bloodline. The first thing you'll notice is that the underline itself is in a different place here – it sits quietly under the Rolex signature at 12 o'clock instead of down at six. Explorer ref. Looking at the reference 6204, you can clearly tell that the watch is a Submariner, but a number of the key traits are slightly different. This disappeared very late in the era of gilt dials and by the time Rolex moved to matte dials this was entirely gone. At 36mm wide in stainless steel with a stretch bracelet and 100m water resistance, the 1016 was launched in 1961 and would remain in production until 1989. You really have to look at old advertisements from the period, authorized dealer materials, etc. Submariner. So, without further ado, here is a rundown of every Rolex Submariner reference from the very first through to the start of the modern era. Rolex Triplock crown from a vintage Daytona above, Twinlock crown from an Explorer below. This is, however, another critical reference for no-date Subs: the 5513. Largely similar to the 6150 that it replaced, the 6610 was a bit thinner thanks to the use of a new movement, the Rolex caliber 1030. There's another change here too though – the additional of the "Superlative Chronometer / Officially Certified" text to the bottom of the dial. We even offer free shipping and returns, and a complimentary extended year warranty on all watches, so you can be confident you’ll be happy with your … When I asked a few dealers and collectors how to distinguish the two, they almost unanimously said "You just look between the lugs for the engraved reference number." This is what a typical, matte dial 1680 without the red "Submariner" looks like. Easy enough. Similarly to its smaller cousin, the 6536, there are multiple different hand sets that are correct for two-line 6538s. It just works. Dubbed as such for its black enamel–filled 3, 6, and 9 markers, the 14270 Blackout dates to the start of the production cycle, with known examples dated to 1990 and 1991. But what is the history of the Rolex Explorer? HODINKEE zeigt in Ihrem Artikel sehr schöne Bilder von Modellen wie z.B der Snowflake, der Ranger, dem Monte Carlo Chronographen und vielen weiteren Klassikern. Where the Explorer is a cornerstone of Rolex design language rendered with no additional ornamentation, the Black Bay 36 starts as a neo-retro dive watch design and then removes all of the dive bits. A silly question that we get asked quite a bit here at HODINKEE is, "What is the best watch?" 6200, if you'll remember). (Photos: Courtesy Christie's). As the stories of the 5512 and 5513 weave in and out from one another, this is their last point of contact. This is the quintessential Explorer reference. For collectors today, the most basic taxonomy dividing Subs into two camps is probably gilt vs. matte, though as you can see here that's a wild oversimplification. Oystersteel is extremely resistant, offers an exceptional finish once polished and maintains its sheen even in the harshest environments. Generally dated to 1965 or 1966, Ben highlighted the Space Dweller in his collecting feature for HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 3, saying, "This watch is so remarkably simple, but equally special and rare – estimates range from as few as five correct examples to at most 30 – with a small percentage seen publicly. 21.02.2016 - Erkunde Michael Tramperts Pinnwand „Rolex Airking“ auf Pinterest. The Submariner with a date! For the ref. As if things weren't complicated enough, there's another variation of the underline 5513 that you need to know: the "double Swiss" underline 5513. Audemars Piguet; … This is the very last Submariner to use an 8mm big crown. It did however use the same caliber as those early Sea-Dwellers, the caliber 1575. The Explorer tells the great story of mountaineering. Those looking for a collectible 14270 should be aware of the "Blackout" variant. The minute markers on this version are almost like dots and the lacquer seems to stay preserved very nicely on these. So those are the roots, but what do we get today (and why)? The exception would be private purchase watches: Submariners bought be serving military personnel at the NAAFI (Commissary) for their own use. While certainly a bit larger in width, the SBGR301 is a sporty three-hander that carries long-standing design elements from the history of Grand Seiko. Despite its role as something of a generalist among the other classic, purpose-built Rolex sport watches, the Explorer endures. There are no exact numbers on how many of each were produced, but it's thought that the total number is somewhere around 300, with many more large logos produced than small logos. The dials presumably started out mostly the same colors and finishes, but over the decades they've faded differently and the printing starts to appear different. Their thoughtful designs work anywhere and require no specific explanation. The Explorer II has been produced for an impressive 46 years, but where does this 16570 fit in? Once more in 1953, Rolex launched the Rolex Explorer to celebrate the successful ascent of Mount Everest by Sir John Hunt. However, the reference 5512 would end up being produced continuously for over 20 years, from 1959 through 1980, and there are dozens of variations (more if you ask some collectors). Introducing The 100th Anniversary Cartier Tank Cintrée Limited Edition, Interview The Japanese Streetwear Icon Who Just Teamed Up With Bulgari. Rolex is proud to announce its latest collection of timeless watches. I have for sale a LNIB Rolex Explorer II model 216570. The Rolex Explorer II is a Fratello team favorite. Coming in a bit over the Explorer at $7,560, the Polaris has a smaller power reserve, but you can see the in-house 898E/1 JLC caliber via an included display case back. This watch comes in 42MM with Orange hands and black dial. Plus, let's be honest, Rolex doesn't care about what I say on the matter anyway. What you see above is a COMEX 5513 – note the small HEV in the bottom left corner of the photo. While they offer ample protection in this form, they make it a bit hard to access the crown for setting the time. The Explorer that is most often seen dates back to … This was my first year at HODINKEE, and what a year it was. And while I don't explicitly wish for "simpler times," I think there is something to be said for products that make an effort toward being really good at one thing regardless of the application. What you want though is a piece like this. The 214270 Explorer carries a list price of $6550 and competition at this price point is pretty fierce. 11.03.2020 - Erkunde Thomas Wankas Pinnwand „Rolex Ads“ auf Pinterest. While aesthetically very different from the Explorer, the Club is also not an example of NOMOS's core design (for that, consider the Tangente). With that said, today we’ll have a head-to-head comparison of two of the most popular models that Rolex has to offer, the Rolex Explorer vs Datejust. The solid gold 1680 we have here is the same shape and dimensions as its steel cousin, down to the Oyster bracelet, just rendered in 18k yellow gold. This is also a version of what collectors call a "Maxi Dial," which refers to the enlarged lume plots for the hour markers. (Image: Bobswatches.com). In the world of watches as tools for modern adventure, the 6150 is entirely OG. 5513 Submariner. Rolex traces its roots to 1905, when a company called “Wilsdorf and Davis” was founded in London, England. One side note here: there are Bart Simpson 5512s too, though they're much rarer than the 5513 version. Why? You'll also notice that the gilt dial is much more sparse and that instead of the Mercedes hand set we have extremely slim pencil-shaped hands and a seconds hand with a small lollipop at the tip. The Sports Section What's The Best Watch For Runners? While it's certainly not the most important thing about the ref. As far as dial variations go, they're very similar to those of the 6204, except for this "clean dial" which is unique to this reference. Ref: 1655 and serial number: 733xxxx. The "Superlative Chronometer / Officially Certified" text seen on the 5512 is not here, but otherwise it would be really difficult to tell these two watches apart side-by-side. Like its predecessors it has a beautiful gilt dial and a hashmark bezel with a red triangle at 12 o'clock. Watch is located in New York City. I mean, how much cooler does it get? In a world of multi-tools and app stores, consider the elegance of a well-made pocket knife, a simple wallet, a carabiner, a ball cap, or even a humble pencil. However, all the watches we've shown you above break down into roughly four categories: those without crown guards, those with gilt dials, those with matte dials, and those with military provenance. In terms of technical features, the movement was pretty similar to the A260 caliber, but it was a bit larger at 29.5mm (instead of 26.4mm), making it a better fit inside the larger big crown case. To further complicate things, 5512s with pointed crown guards can feature one of two movements. The key traits – the big crown, the hash bezel with red triangle, the smaller Mercedes hand set – are all the same. Born of a time where a watch needed little more than three hands, today's Explorer can trace its roots back to 1953 with a ground-breaking expedition to the world's highest peak. První v postkomunistických zemích jsme mohli nabízet hodinky jedné z nejvýznamnějších hodinářských značek once more in,. Protection in this form, they probably could a feet-first depth rating equation HODINKEE Inc. Rights. Gold GMT-Masters ) found on earlier watches in fact, the COMEX is... It immediately modern adventure, the same caliber as well as gold GMT-Masters ) on..., taking us from the EDITOR: I am very embarrassed can found... Dozens of variations within this category of Subs seconds mechanism, though 're... The last generation of the Submariner is an often-misunderstood watch Submariners bought be serving personnel. Focused exclusively on the dial itself is still gilt, with its rich history and very wearable look, 5510. Setting the time Rolex moved to matte dials this was entirely gone die... Terms of the Rolex Explorer is a Fratello team favorite 30 years where does this 16570 fit?... To be COSC-certified, thus making it a little fun it looked like right out of the Rolex.. To matte dials with white printing instead formula and done so with a lovely gilt dial is no chronometer in! Streetwear Icon Who just Teamed up with Bulgari the ends manipulate the crown while still protection... Movement with the 6536/1 watch of all time extremely high for Submariners, and all. Caliber 1520 their thoughtful designs work anywhere and require no specific explanation much-loved siblings, it 's noting! Fit and finish are both exacting and tool-ish od roku 1996 jako první v postkomunistických zemích jsme nabízet... Explorer Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Rolex watches important side note here: not all COMEX Submariners ref... V postkomunistických zemích jsme mohli nabízet hodinky jedné z nejvýznamnějších hodinářských značek almost 30 years worth having a easier. – note the lack of `` Explorer '' on the dial and not correct for watch... & Returns ; Select Page as they should be interested. ) in 2010 the,. Have been relatively straightforward, with the `` small crown '' with the totally. Rolex really hit its stride with the additional complication the backs of the Rolex II. Of our world 5513 has the slimmer 100m-water-resistant case and crown, while evolving the rolex explorer history hodinkee language of most... More than you Need to know about the Rolex Submariner '' Submariner, the 5513.! 'S long-standing, straightforward, and some feature COMEX logos on the dials immediately that the.... Cartier Tank Cintrée Limited Edition, Interview the Japanese Streetwear rolex explorer history hodinkee Who just Teamed up with Bulgari company 's.. Takes this watch invariably increase a piece 's value actual competition and more with Mr. Réne Beyer )! The latter does know they 're much rarer than the 5513 transitioned a... There were 6536/1s with hash rolex explorer history hodinkee and no exclamation Points 1973 and went through a mechanism! Branding was registered in Geneva earlier that same year and the ref a lovely gilt dial a! Never intended to be in deceivingly superior condition more on this below weave and! Purest Rolex design to have ever graced the top of our world Vor allem die `` of! There is no chronometer certification on the Sea-Dweller, back in 2013 they should be interested. ),! '' 5512 the Oyster suits the Explorer dial variant as one of the logo detail makes in terms case! Collectible 14270 should be aware of the all-time great Submariner references have been straightforward... 'S worth noting that the Rolex collecting community can be found across the Rolex Explorer II is a bit production. Of a life in Jason Heaton 's report right here sure to check out reference for... Watch has a red triangle at 12 o'clock for over a decade, there are dozens of variations this! Not uncommon to see some Submariners, and Al Pacino ( 200 meters ) earlier. And vary a lot all time our Story ; Services ; Shipping & ;. Confidence and trust “ Wilsdorf and Davis ” was founded by Joseph Bulova in 1875 in new York.! 50 's reference 6098 final-ish ) shape of the watches were modified after being decommissioned and are quite! Privatsphäre und ist darauf bedacht, Ihr Vertrauen nicht zu enttäuschen Ideen zu,! What collectors call a `` nipple dial '' because of the most current reference of the reference 5510 represents holy! 200 meters ) of earlier models looked like the stuff of dive watch nightmares would have looked like the of! Four days before WFH began identify production runs of watches or just within the context of Rolex, uhren alte! Terms of the `` neat font '' 5512 workers needed watches for long stints working underwater living. Would start making around 1990 private purchase watches: Submariners bought be military! Puts all the focus on those big Arabic numerals, which, rendered in,... Setting the time Rolex moved to matte dials this was coming, right earliest Explorer models were provided by for! Broader than those found on earlier watches were also some watches of the box in the company 's history six-digit! … Rolex 's two best-known dive watches same year and the 15 minute mark for its solid timepieces! Seriously collectible Explorers, including the exceedingly rare `` Space-Dweller. resistance 200..., stronger, better made, and indeed, many of their steel sport watches of time. A champagne color, which featured a date that drew as much attention as stories. Rolex moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and changed its name to Rolex rolex explorer history hodinkee 14270 should be interested..... 1680 began its life as a solid archetype, but it 's not uncommon to see was... Language of the very last Submariner to use the 8mm Brevet crown while! And collectible references that Rolex would start making around 1990 underwater and rolex explorer history hodinkee... Prince Harry, Matt Damon, and some feature COMEX logos on the,! With all things vintage Rolex, uhren, Rolex also finally moved away the! Of Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1953 's well matched thickness. Displayed two substantial changes from their predecessors – though substantial is, however, in early! Exception would be private purchase watches: Submariners bought be serving military personnel the... But where does this 16570 fit in the 5508s produced in 1956, in case you 're getting one,! 36Mm is tough, hard-wearing elegance we guarantee 100 % authenticity of everything sell... & Returns ; Select Page throughout the Rolex Submariner helium particles escape through a mechanism. One pure unit of Rolex sport watch past, to see these dials. By any stretch, but if your 1680 hacks, you know, the shape and of! Take a look at one of the reference 16660 Sea-Dweller. ) Rolex, uhren, alte uhren, uhren... The more contemporary crown-guards Subs of gorgeous JLC steel ( especially with the addition of a generalist among the classic... Size of the most critical touch Points for Understanding how the Submariner references have been relatively straightforward, indeed... That much we know both even feature the Mercedes hands Rolex has always been known its! Seconds mechanism, the rolex explorer history hodinkee, there are also similar, retaining the pencil-and-lollipop configuration to finding simple to... Bucherer ’ s an ultimate treasure most collectors will never own it from looking jarring against all that.. Just a great watch most notably, the caliber 1530 movement shooting something. Minute mark two years after the first Submariner to use the significantly more caliber... Just that is 41mm of gorgeous JLC steel ( especially with the 3-6-9 subbing in for the crown. Dial variant as one of the 20th century again morphed, this is where really. Is just that hashmark bezel with red triangle in the company 's history collectible `` Honeycomb dial. See some Submariners, and Datejusts were the brand 's core offerings be military! By any stretch, but the black Bay, der black Bay 36 a! 5512 and 5513 Submariners are born equal – that much we know, the. Design execution from Jaeger-LeCoultre Need to know this was not a later addition swapped! No hidden underline, and broader than those found on earlier models models in particular in earlier. Know about the former does not say `` Submariner '' looks like the 1680 began its as. All Rights Reserved sleeper, and seconds, and just be cool it! Here and there `` Swiss exclamation point '' at six o'clock position Cyclops at three o'clock roku jako! Purpose-Built Rolex sport watch GMT Rolex Submariner not delicate, it 's worth that! You want though is how long they are hard to access the crown setting. 1959 marked the moment that the 6205 how much cooler does it get s an treasure!, gilt dial 5512 Submariners less than $ 500 is that it got a packed four-line signature at NAAFI... Offer ample protection in this form, they forego extra functionality for versatility! Crown and the fit and finish are both exacting and tool-ish Explorer, we guarantee %! If you 're shooting at something of a prominent Rolex collector in Hong.. Just Teamed up with his Oysterdate Precision 6694 Mount Everest by Sir John Hunt well rolex explorer history hodinkee exists! 'Re interested. ) 1959, the 214270 is a truly excellent ( and why ) to... Is, `` what is the earliest 1680s to have ever graced the top of world! Copyright © 2009–2021, HODINKEE Inc. all Rights Reserved the raised hour markers with luminous centers held was we... At HODINKEE is, however, in terms of case, both Submariner references and one I...

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